Military Coup: Indian Embassy Advises Indians in Myanmar to Avoid Unnecessary Travel

 The Indian consulate in Yangon has asked all Indian residents dwelling in Myanmar to play it safe and dodge pointless travel, in a warning gave following the military overthrow and ensuing political advancements in the country. Myanmar's ground-breaking military snatched power in an upset against the regular citizen government and forced a highly sensitive situation subsequent to confining Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi and different heads of her National League for Democracy (NLD) in the early hours on Monday. "Taking into account the new improvements in Myanmar, all Indian residents are needed to play it safe and keep away from pointless travel," the government office said. 

"They might be in contact with the international safe haven, whenever required," it said in the warning named 'Directive for Indian residents dwelling in Myanmar regarding the new political situation in Myanmar'. In its response to the improvements in the country, India had on Monday communicated "profound concern" and said the standard of law and the popularity based interaction should be maintained in the country. 

India additionally said it was checking the circumstance intently and that it has been ardent in supporting the popularity based change in that country. The Myanmarese military arranged the upset in the midst of its rising grating with the decision NLD government over the aftereffects of the November 8 general political race. The NLD had enlisted a pounding triumph in the surveys. Notwithstanding, the military had claimed disparities in the electing interaction. 

The majority rule change in Myanmar had occurred in 2011 following quite a while of military guideline. As per the Indian international safe haven, around 7,000 non inhabitant Indians are living in Myanmar while the quantity of Indian inception individuals in that nation could be in the scope of 1.5-2.5 million.

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