Kerala shocker: Five barbarians brutally slaughter, eat leopard after trapping it; arrested

 Idukki: In a boorish episode, five men purportedly caught and butchered a panther and afterward devoured its meat in Idukki locale of Kerala. 

The blamed - distinguished as VP Kuriakose (74), Sali Kunjappan (54), CS Binu (50), Vincet (50) and Vinod PK (45), all occupants of Mankulam - were arrested after backwoods authorities got a clue about the occurrence. 

As per a woodland official, Vinod and Kuriakose introduced a snare in a private land almost 100 meters from the backwoods at Munipara close to Mankular. A male panther, matured around six years, fell into the snare on Wednesday morning. The denounced moved the enormous feline to Vinod's home, where they supposedly executed it. From that point, they cooked its meat and devoured it. 

Panther meat, teeth, skin recuperated 

On Friday, woods authorities got data about it, following which a strike was completed on Vinod's home. Authorities, during the strike, recuperated 10 kg of uncooked panther meat. They additionally found the large feline's skin and teeth inside the house. Accordingly, the five charged were captured. 

Panther is a secured under the Schedule 1 of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, a timberland official stated, adding that the blamed will get seven-year detainment. 

Panther had slaughtered blamed's goat 

Requests uncovered that the blamed chose to trap and execute the panther after it destroyed to death a goat claimed by Vinod. "The creature had as of late murdered a goat possessed by Vinod P K, one of the denounced and he and his companions laid a catch utilizing auto brake link, net and different materials. The creature was gotten on Wednesday before it was killed by its captors and its meat circulated," said Mankulam backwoods range official V B Udayasooryan," a report by Hindustan Times cited Mankulam woods range official V B Udayasooryan as saying. 

Another episode 

In another episode, a female panther supported basic wounds in the wake of being run over by a merchandise train in Bundi area of Rajasthan on the mediating evening of Thursday and Friday. Reports state odds of the catlike's endurance are less.

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