Bizarre! 4 Chinese Men Eat 30 Kg Oranges In Half An Hour To Avoid Paying Extra Baggage Fee

 In one more strange episode, four explorers from China wound up eating 30 kilograms of oranges in less than 30 minutes at an air terminal in Kunming in Southwest China's Yunnan Province so they can try not to pay additional things expense. 

A man named Wang, alongside his associates had purchased a container of oranges gauging 30 kilograms for 50 yuan (Rs 564) while on an excursion for work to Kunming. 

Notwithstanding, when they arrived at the air terminal to load onto the plane, the air terminal staff educated them that they needed to pay 10 yuan for every kilogram of the organic products which was a sum of 300 yuan (Rs 3,384). 

Wang and his partners concocted a plan to evade paying additional things expense. They concluded that the charge was excessively costly for them to pay and all things being equal and they ought to eat the oranges not too far off at the air terminal. 

"We just remained there and gobbled the entire thing up. It required around 20-30 minutes," Wang disclosed to Global Times. 

Whenever they were finished eating the organic products, they began to experience the ill effects of ulcers in their mouths. "We never need to have oranges again," Wang said.

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