Santa goes virtual in pandemic hit Spain

 MADRID A venturesome Santa Claus has given himself the mission of saving Christmas in Spain by sending video messages to youngsters who can't meet the man himself this year due to the Covid pandemic. 

"We considered doing Zoom, Skype and utilizing new advances since Santa can't visit the youngsters' homes," said Hector Fuentes, decked out in the exemplary red suit, white facial hair and cap of Father Christmas, or "Dad Noel" in Spanish. 

Kids' performer Fuentes, a Chilean who has been living in Spain for as long as decade, has changed an old steel trailer in Leganes, south of Madrid, into a cavern cum-creation studio. 

He records customized messages with the assistance of his child Andres, who works behind the camera, and his associate Pilar Carrion, who plays his trusty companion mythical person. 

Guardians can discover Fuentes via online media and send him their youngsters' letters. At that point he and Carrion film a customized answer from Papa Noel himself. 


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"At the point when the pandemic showed up all the occasions we had were cancelled.we needed to begin without any preparation to rehash ourselves," said Carrion. 

On Friday, three-year-old Arhoa Pena sat mesmerized as she watched Santa Claus conversing with her from the TV in her family room in Alcorcon.

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