Karnataka Govt to Remove Content from Social Science Textbooks After Brahmins Find it 'Insulting'

 The Karnataka Government has taught expulsion of substance from the class 6 sociology course books after the Brahmin Development Board grumbled it was "annoying" to the Brahmin people group. The Primary and Secondary Education Minister S Suresh Kumar in a note to high ranking representatives of his area of expertise has additionally coordinated that a council be established remembering instructors and specialists to analyze such substance for the sociology and language reading material from class 1 to 10, and present a report in 15 days to make an important move. 

The move came after an assignment from the Brahmin Development Board appealed to Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa in such manner and said these substance were "annoying" to the Brahmin people group. Expressing that the diviner of Mantralaya mutt had called him and educated him about the sentiments regarding the Brahmin people group, Suresh Kumar in Facebook post explained that correction of course book or expansion of any new section has not occurred after the current government came to control. 

"I have vowed to the soothsayer that the goof that has occurred previously and has become exposed now will be corrected quickly," he said. While refering to the purposes behind the introduction of new religions, the substance in the class 6 sociology reading material states Sanskrit was the language of clerics and the average person couldn't get it, the pastor said in his note. 

As indicated by the course reading, there was a food shortage in light of the fact that 'homa' and 'havana' (fire ceremonies) were performed by offering enormous amounts of foodgrains, milk, ghee and different materials. Additionally it has been said relinquishing animals that were useful to ranchers in development added to it, he called attention to. 

Further featuring comparative such bits, Suresh Kumar as he would like to think of greater part of individuals is that such substance was pointless and was over the norm of the understudies of the age gathering to whom it was educated. Such provocative substance won't just prompt disarray in the general public, yet additionally hurt the sensations of the individuals of specific areas of network or society, he added.

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