BJP lawmaker likens Mamata Banerjee to 'Tadaka'

 Questionable BJP administrator Surendra Singh compared West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to the demoness 'Tadaka' and said that she would be expelled from power by the threesome 'Rama, Lakshman, Hanuman' (Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and Yogi Adityanath). 

'Tadaka' was a demoness, who, as indicated by the Hindu folklore, used to hassle holy people and sages venerating in the backwoods. She was executed by Lord Rama and his sibling Lakshman. The demoness discovers notice in the Hindu epic 'Ramayana'. 

— Dangerous round of insider and untouchable in West Bengal: Governor on J P Nadda's caravan assault 

''Mamata Banerjee is Tadaka of majority rule government... Nobody is protected in West Bengal under her administration... Tadaka's vadha (killing) is sure as Rama, Lakshman and Hanuman have shown up,'' he said alluding to the supposed assault on the caravan of BJP president J P Nadda at Diamond Harbor close to Kolkata on Thursday. 

Singh said that there, notwithstanding, were many, who might not mind regardless of whether shot, and crane the saffron banner in West Bengal. ''Mamata is sure to lose power in the state,'' he added. 

— Attack on Nadda 'supported viciousness'; Bengal has plummeted into period of oppression under TMC rule: Amit Shah 

The BJP administrator had before likewise compared Mamata to 'Surpanakha' (the sister of devil ruler Ravana, whose nose had been slashed off by Lakshman). The MLA had likewise said that Mamata was finding support from unfamiliar forces. 

Nadda's guard was purportedly assaulted by TMC laborers, while it was going through the territory. BJP claimed that scores of vehicles in the caravan were harmed. Mamata, in any case, named the claims as outright lies and blamed the saffron party for arranging assaults to

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