19,467 got police protection in India, cops on duty surpass sanctioned strength by 35% in 2019: Data

 West Bengal, Punjab, Bihar and Jammu and Kashmir have the greatest quantities of individuals getting police security, even as the all-India figure decreased by almost nine percent in 2019, as per official information. 

Likewise, the quantity of police staff put on insurance obligation in 2018 and 2019 for clergymen, MPs, MLAs, judges, administrators, and so forth, dwarfed their authorized strength for the occupation by around 35 percent, indicated the most recent information delivered by the Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D). 

The quantity of individuals getting police assurance across India remained at 19,467 of every 2019 and 21,300 out of 2018 - a decrease of 1,833 (or 8.7 percent), the BPR&D expressed in its most recent information on police associations refreshed till January 1, 2020. 

The quantity of police faculty endorsed for insurance obligation in 2019 was 43,556, though 66,043 staff were conveyed for the work, the information appeared. 

In 2018, the endorsed strength was 40,031, while 63,061 police faculty were conveyed on assurance obligation, it uncovered. 

West Bengal had the limit of 3,142 individuals under police insurance in 2019, trailed by Punjab (2,594), Bihar (2,347) and Jammu and Kashmir (1,184), as per the information. 

In 2018, Bihar drove the count with 4,677 individuals, trailed by West Bengal (2,769), Punjab (2,522) and Jammu and Kashmir (1,493), it appeared. 

Notwithstanding, the greatest endorsed strength and sending of police staff in such obligations occurred in Delhi, where the quantity of protectees remained at 503 out of 2018 and 501 out of 2019, the information appeared. 

The quantity of police staff authorized for the assurance obligations in Delhi was 7,144 of every 2018 and 7,294 out of 2019 while the arrangement numbers remained at 7,144 and 8,182, separately, it appeared. 

Maharashtra had 356 police protectees and an authorized strength of 3,946 work force in both the years. It had a penny percent arrangement for the employment in both the years, as per the BPR&D, a wing of the Union Home Ministry. 

Uttar Pradesh, the most crowded state, had 125 and 144 protectees in 2018 and 2019, separately. The endorsed strength of staff was not accessible for 2018, and it was 2,108 out of 2019. The arrangement figures remained at 2,233 both the years, it appeared. 

The quantity of police protectees in Andhra Pradesh remained at 508 out of 2018 and 452 of every 2019, Kerala (76 and 57), Tamil Nadu (115 and 110), Karanataka (647 and 721), Telangana (487 and 799), Madhya Pradesh (293 and 434), Haryana (1,493 and 1,355), Chhattisgarh (340 and 315), Goa (35 and 32). 

Among the most reduced, Daman and Diu had one and two police protectees in 2018 and 2019, individually, Dadra and Nagar Haveli had five out of 2018 and one out of 2019, while Lakshadweep had five out of 2019 (its figures for 2018 not accessible), the information appeared.

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